Seven the Lucky Number

The financial world is constantly changing. No wonder that people are unsure of what to go for.

2013 has just started that Coutts & Co private bank, has launched a new range of funds.

coutts building

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And to be precise 7 of them:

  1. Coutts Multi Asset UK Defensive Fund,
  2. Coutts Multi Asset UK Balanced Fund,
  3. Coutts Multi Asset UK Growth Fund,
  4. Coutts Multi Asset UK Equity Growth Fund,
  5. Coutts Multi Asset Global Defensive Fund,
  6. Coutts Multi Asset Global Balanced Fund,
  7. Coutts Multi Asset Global Growth Fund.

It can sound like jargon to most of us – unless you know what you are looking for.

The services will be split in 2 sections. Every UK related funds will be managed by Alan Higgins – UK Chief Investment Officer’s team in the United Kingdom. The 3 Global assets will be under the wing of Norman Villamin – bank’s Chief Investment Officer for Europe.

As you can see investment services are improving and getting more varied.

Some banks like to listen to their clients in order to deliver what is asked for. For Coutts is not just about the money (See video for an insight of the Queen’s Bank).

Being different is always a good point as long as what is created or changed is a winning point for the account holders and the business too.

Variety is what people want in each domain. Look at cameras and televisions. Colours, shapes and sizes – there are never enough of them. Same goes with tablets and smartphones as well.

banking services word cloud

With these 7 new multi-assets , it will be interesting to see in the long term, whether customers are going for this type of wealth management. Knowing that these funds will be sold under advice in the UK –  it could well be a winning formula for the London private financial establishment.


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