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MicheleScismI just listened to a great video from my coach, Michele Scism (that’s her picture on the right). It was all about motivation…and keeping motivation. Michele shared a few ideas that made me think about “what motivates me?” One she shared is competition…she and another woman I admire and follow, Caterina Rando, are in a friendly competition to see who reaches $1M in revenue first. Michele also shared an idea I just love: she keeps a Gratitude Book…it’s a binder full of great success stories, emails, cards and other notes that keep her going. The third idea that Michele shared that I really love is helping others…when you’re having a tough time of it, reach out and help someone, answer a question or help them problem solve a situation.

For me, I think I have a combination of the items Michele shared above–and I didn’t realize it was my ‘support network’…

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  1. Dortha Hise says :

    Thanks for the re-blog, James! Hope you are having a fabulous week!

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