Convos App: Consolidate Social Media Profiles Into One Dashboard

Social sharing service Convos Limited has just announced the launch of a new iOS app that aims to make social media and communication easier for both personal and business users.

The location based sharing app consolidates different social media profiles into one dashboard with customizable profiles and privacy settings. The service can be used to manage a large amount of platforms and services, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, LinkedIn, Skype, YouTube, Outlook and more.

Convos isn’t targeted specifically at business users, but can easily be used to manage the many social sites and platforms that businesses and professionals use to make contacts and reach out to customers. And Convos specializes in helping its users keep their information that is used for work purposes separate from that which is more personal.

For example, users can create different profiles that separate which of their contacts and networks should have access to their information. The chart above shows how users might choose to divide up their different social profiles and services based on who they want to share certain types of information and media with.

Convos uses a QR code system to add contacts to your network or exchange contact information. The app also has GPS tagging and real-time chat features to help users easily communicate and interact with others in their network.

There are several other services and apps available with similar aims of consolidating social media and communication efforts, but Convos focuses on keeping different profiles and information separate when they are used for different purposes, which could be particularly useful for business professionals that use social networks and other communication tools for both business and personal reasons. And the service does offer some additional features like chat and GPS tagging that some users might find useful.

The company is based in Hong Kong and was founded by 17-year-old Antoine Vandenheste in December 2011. The service is now available on iPhone, Android, and Web.

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