4 ways to jumpstart your business (video)

To help you get a better handle on your business, I put together a webinar in cooperation with Cory Miller’s Entrepreneurship Lab, called 4 Ways to JumpStart Your Business.

We managed to make business planning just a little less stodgy than the usual 5 pound binder.

The recording is now available to everyone, so I’m sharing it here. Unfortunately, Cory’s voice wasn’t included in the recording, so there are a few audio gaps.

Email subscribers, if you can’t see the video, click to view the post online: 4 ways to jumpstart your business video.

For your reference, you can also see and download the slides here: Jump Start Your Business at SlideShare.

If you’re interested in having me present a webinar for your organization, stop by: Becky McCray, Speaker.

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via Small Biz Survival http://www.smallbizsurvival.com/2013/01/4-ways-to-jumpstart-your-business-video.html


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