London’s best shared workspaces

Shared workspace has become a hot trend recently. Maybe it’s the
influence of Tech City and its sprawling mass of entrepreneurs,
maybe it’s the fact that the recession has boosted
entrepreneurialism or perhaps it’s just the influence of shared
workspace pioneer cities like New York. You know how we love to
imitate the Big Apple.

For entrepreneurs and their start-ups, this explosion couldn’t
come soon enough. The benefits of using a shared workspace, whether
you’re an entrepreneur going solo or a start-up with the first few
employees on the pay role, are as plentiful as the rolls Astroturf
in Google’s offices.

You can keep the overheads low and scale fairly easily. You can
foster an atmosphere of shared innovation and bounce ideas off
like-minded people. Any problems you have, you are pretty much
guaranteed to find someone else who has had the same problem and
can talk you through it. Shared workspaces are also a great place
to meet potential clients, partners and even employees.

Entrepreneurs in London are certainly spoiled for choice when it
comes to picking a space to create the magic from. Here is our top

Club Workspace

A thriving hub of creative space spread over London. With
offices in Clerkenwell, London Bridge, Kennington, Chiswick and
Bankside this initiative is giving entrepreneurs a sleek space in
which to grow a business. The great thing about Club Workspace is
that members can add additional services to their bow, such as a
business mailbox, lockers, printing and a meeting and event

Google Campus/ TechHub

Somewhat unsurprisingly Google has in nailed when it comes to
trendy co-working spaces. The campus has been open since March 2012
with the intention of creating an epicentre for innovation in
London’s Tech City.

TechHub has been a co-working stalwart in East London since
2009, creating a community for technology start-ups and moved into
the Google Campus to run the shared workspace there. There are
events at the Campus almost every evening, hosting anything from
demo nights where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to advice
workshops on bootstrapping your business.

Central Working

CEO of Central Working James Layfield was voted EO Entrepreneur
of the Year in 2012. There are currently three locations for CW,
the original space is in Bloomsbury, they have a space in
Shoreditch and also a corner of the Google Campus.

The ethos of the space is to actively help its members to
achieve business success through making connections for people and
offering support and advice.

All of the spaces come complete with jazzy furniture and a

The Cube

Founded in London in 2010 and since spread to New York, The Cube
bills itself as an innovation space rather than just a place to
rest a desk. The space is based in east London but it isn’t a
technology only workspace and has innovators from various fields
including science, fashion and social impact.

The spaces are run by innovation agency Idea Engineering and
host a number of events to help to inspire and support the
entrepreneurs and businesses based there.

Co – Work

With three spaces, one in Putney, Borough and The City you’d be
hard pushed not to find one of Co-Work’s venues to suit you and
your business. They come with the usual funky décor (including a
gold putting rug in The City space) and don’t require a deposit or
minimum stay.

The Soho Collective

Milkshake fans will love this one. It’s a shared workspace
directly above Ed’s Diner at the top of Old Compton Street. It’s
big windows look down over the bustle of Soho and it comes with a
bar and roof terrace.

The space caters mainly for those working within the creative

The Trampery

Technology entrepreneur Charles Armstrong founded
Shoreditch-based, The Trampery in 2009. It’s quirky design puts it
up there with some of the coolest working spaces London has to
offer and free tea and coffee is a pretty good sweetener as

Third Door

Third Door is an integrated workspace with onsite, flexible
daycare. Entrepreneurs with children can come along and do some
work while their children are taken care of in the same building.
Based in Putney, the award winning working space can help you to
juggle that work/life balance with a bit more ease.

The Office Group

This is a network of workspaces for entrepreneurs. There are
venues based in The City, Euston, Paddington and the West End. The
chic yet demure décor could appeal to people who aren’t as
interested in Astroturf and beanbags.

It also provides a base for those not located in London. When
they need to make a trip to the capital there are lockers for
luggage and one of the spaces has apartments upstairs.


A co-working space to suit entrepreneurs, start-ups and
freelances, metroLAB is based in-between St Pancras and Camden so
if you need to jump on the EuroStar you’re in the right place. As
well as a place to set up shop, MeteroLAB also offers a range of
different business services including administrative support and
graphic design.

Piano Club

Piano Club is smack bang in the middle of Brixton and caters for
entrepreneurs, all the way up to SMEs. There are social gatherings
by the bucket load and business masterclasses to take advantage


This one’s just for the fairer sex. Launched by legendary PR
guru Lynne Franks, B-Hive is a space where like-minded women can
come together in a feminine space to network and do business. You
can find one of their offices in London, Bristol and

 For more information on Prelude visit


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