What kind of business might need a telephone answering service?

A telephone answering service can be useful for many different businesses in various industries.


Mainly, it is ideal for businesses that already use a telephone answering service in-house, but cannot always cope due to staff sickness and holidays.

Extra coverage may also be needed during the night, when it is difficult to find staff flexible enough to work the occasional night.

A telephone answering service that is outsourced to a call centre has many advantages, not least the fact that real people are always on standby to answer your phone as if they were part of your business. This is bound to increase business reputation as there will be qualified, dedicated members of staff waiting to take all calls.

You should also question whether calls are answered promptly within your business. Any size business will have calls that need answering each day, but if you regularly put calls to voicemail then you may want to consider this kind of service.

Customer service is a big issue when it comes to a telephone answering service. Staff need to be quick with answering the phone, friendly, professional and able to resolve the query quickly. If you regularly struggle to attend to any of these traits, then you might want to consider outsourcing to people who do this for a living. Here are a few different types of companies that might benefit from telephone answering service:

Businesses that are in an early stage of development

These kinds of businesses will be ideal for a telephone answering service as they are able to create a professional feel for the business right away, even though the company is only in its early stages of start-up. It means that you can create a much bigger brand identity early on, which is important when you’re competing in the difficult and highly competitive marketplace.

Mobile businesses

Mobile businesses would benefit from a telephone answering service because they are not always able to answer the phone themselves when at work or on the go. This is the case especially when they are with clients when it would be unprofessional to answer calls. The telephone answering team will be able to book in appointments with the mobile business when they are unable to get to the phone.

Trades people

Many different types of trades people will need to concentrate on the job in hand, rather than try to answer a mobile phone. For example mechanics and plumbers. The telephone answering service will be able to do more than just take messages; they can also speak on your behalf and give information about your product or service. They can also booking visits or appointments.

Companies that already have receptionists

Companies that already hire receptionists might need backup when it comes to lunchtimes or very busy times of the year. There may also be a requirement for overflow calls, which the call attendants can handle easily.

Telephone answering is bound to benefit any business that wants to be available 24/7 and answer all calls to a high standard.


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