Superfast Britain

How fast connections are helping small businesses

Whether you are running a large conglomerate or a small independent online business, your connection speeds are a vital part of making your businesses successful and run smoothly.

The government is looking to help with this as they want Britain to have the best superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015 and the roll out has already begun! Fibre broadband lines are being rolled out across the country, giving people greater access to the internet than ever before, and it could be with you soon.

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Superfast broadband

The internet is vital to the way we live and do business so increasing our ability to get a secure and fast connection is very important. Fibre optic technology allows us to connect to the internet at far faster speeds than are currently available, allowing more data to be downloaded at faster speeds.

The government is investing £680 million in getting this broadband technology out to the whole country. It is taking time but it is vital in getting us up to speed (sorry, couldn’t resist!). The fibre optic cables that are replacing the copper have a number of advantages:

  • Faster: Download speeds of up to 300mb/s and upload speeds of up to 30mb/s make connection to the internet incredibly fast.
  • Thinner: More cables can be bound together so lines take up less space than the previous copper cables.
  • Purer: Fibre optic cables are much better at holding their signals than copper so you get clearer TV signals and conversations – and no high voltage electrical transmitters are needed to transmit these signals so fibre optic cables are greener and cheaper to run too.

How’s the roll-out going?

Over 10 million homes and businesses already have access to the superfast broadband network; 650, 000 homes and businesses have increased over the last quarter alone.

Cities and towns are the first places to get the technology and if you live in one then there’s every chance you may already have the opportunity to connect. If you’re not sure whether or not you can connect check plans for your postcode online.

Benefits for small businesses

You may be wondering what the point of all this investment and improvement is and how it will benefit you. The fact is that we are demanding more and more from our internet connections and we are relying on them more. The current system can’t cope with this demand so we need to update the system.

For businesses this means that your website will be hosted on a secure and fast connection, you will be able to communicate with your customers quicker and smoother, you will be able to put through transactions much quicker as well as seek out new customers and suppliers with ease.

How do you get access to super fast broadband?

As a business, you need to update your superfast broadband package to ensure that it includes fibre optic broadband. Not all suppliers offer it and all will have different prices so shop around for the best deal at the best connection speed (remember to balance price with speed otherwise there is no point changing package).

As other businesses get to grips with the new capabilities you can expect to see massive advances in the way that people across the country interact with the internet and each other using this exciting new technology.

4G Mobile Connections

If that wasn’t enough, 4G is beginning to roll out across the UK. It is slow in getting started but if your business is based in a 4G area, you should look into getting a business mobile included in your package deal. Check out your local area to find out if you can get access to 4G Mobile.

This is especially useful if you are often at meetings around the city as you can take your mobile devices with you to keep up to date while you are on the move. You can also consider packages which allow tethering between mobile devices so you can get access to all your documents fast.

The UK has been lagging behind many other countries in our connection speeds but we are finally getting up to date and speeding up. As a business owner, it is vital that you are working as efficiently as possible therefore it is important that you spend the extra money to ensure you have the fastest connections available.

Jennifer Richie writes about a range of topics across the web, contributing posts on technology developments such as broadband, managing businesses and how to start your own business.


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