7 Amazing Tips: How To Sell Yourself And Your Business

As competition gets tougher among businesses, whether it is just a newly started company or an existing one, it is normal for their owners to be always on the brink of finding new ideas on how to become successful entrepreneurs in their chosen industries.

Keep in mind that running a business requires a full cycle of procedures or operations before a business owner can actually see or feel a positive outcome like planning, implementing and marketing. Some entrepreneurs are afraid to commit on the marketing aspect, especially if they don’t have the selling skills or the charisma that most salesmen possess. Others make early retreat during the initial stage of setting up a business because lack of confidence.

How can you sell yourself and your business at the same time without being too pushy or looking aggressive?

If you want to target both these motives successfully, sit back and take time reading these 7 amazing tips that could help you reach your business goals.

1. Know you target clients

This is the first area that you need to focus if you want a positive result in the overall operation of your business. Know exactly the people who belong to your target audience. Make a clear checklist as to what category they will fall into, where they thrive most and what ways can you reach out or connect. Now, after finalizing your list, narrow it down to more specific categories such as:

Get the top 10 consumer groups who are already availing your products or services and focus on satisfying them.

Conduct market research on how you can satisfy their needs or pains and how you can bring value to your existing business’ image through the provision of exceptional freebies that are too hard to resist (newsletters, product/service updates, brochures, downloadable materials or videos) which could provide relevant information to all your offers.

2. Build a credible website

If you haven’t followed what other entrepreneurs are doing to cope with the demands of the digital advancement of our present generations, then, this is your chance to build your company’s website to tap a larger market of clients from any parts of the globe without interruption and increase your online visibility. Creating an impressive website doesn’t need to be expensive.

There are many freelance web master or web developers who offer affordable rates and provide you all the assistance on your website creation. Your main target here is to provide a website where your target niche will have the chance to browse, share or connect their ideas or feedback. Make sure your website is user-friendly and updated to provide a professional image for your business, so that when the time comes that you need to sell something, your existing clients will never think twice of availing your offers.

3. Use an effective funnel system

This is another contributing factor to the increase your sales profit, the use of an effective funnel system. How it works is plain and straightforward by motivating more people to become part of your group and be interested in your offers, either by giving them something for free or useful. Remember, this is intertwined with the first tip where your target clients thrive most, how you can make your presence be felt in that particular community and connect with them. Make them realize that you are there to provide solutions to their problems.

Once you gained their trust, slowly, introduce your products or services without being too obvious of self-promotion.

4. Create a solid promotional campaign

In today’s high-tech generation where people are always on the go, any business must never stop in looking for creative ways to retain a potential client’s interest. A very cost-effective advertising approach is the use of email marketing campaign. Why? Here are some valid reasons why this method is a wise move after all:

Good and relevant for business owners with limited marketing budget because you don’t need to spend much on expensive commercial ads or banners just to update your target clients with your current offers.

Email marketing gives you all the freedom to reach out with a bigger percentage of email recipients at a lesser time frame, especially if you will use an automated email sender tool that allows you to send bulk messages in one go.

You can also try Affiliate marketing. This is perfect for small businesses starting to populate the internet with their new product or service launch.

5. Perform test analysis

Don’t just put all your marketing efforts in one area. Try to mix and match different strategies and from there perform test analysis which among them worked according to your standards. For example, not all businesses benefit from joining the Facebook platform.

Weigh all results and go for that marketing technique where you can maximize your time, money and energy without leaving you totally drained at the end of the day. Don’t be afraid to explore all options until you end up with the most applicable formula to market yourself and your business is derived.

6. Start blogging

A lot of business owners have proven the advantages of providing quality blogs/articles to their target audience. In you have already created a website, now is your chance to increase your online visitors by putting a blog section where they can get some ideas or answers to their questions.

Blogging will not only help you build a credible business image, but also give the impression for every reader of your blog that there is a real person behind this website.

7. Give warranty

Another method to sell yourself and your business is to give warranty or money-back guarantee to all clients who availed your products or services in events of defects or complains. For example, if a customer bought a vacuum cleaner and found it defective, then, your remedy is to assure a limited warranty for that purchase and maintain your good reputation and client relationship.

The success of your business depends entirely on how you give representation to it as the owner and what actions you are willing to undertake, so that everything comes out according to your expectations. For optimum results of your business, following good salesmanship must be practised.

If you feel you are not good in conducting sales talk or not born with the charisma, then, find online business sites that offer help and guidance on how to become efficient in the selling part. Later, as you become used, the selling comes out naturally.

About the author: Ohad Oren is a serial entrepreneur and a Co-Founder at ONDiGO – can be reached at Ohad at ondigo.me. ONDiGO is an automated mobile CRM for small business owners. ONDiGO automatically manages your customers and personal contacts, (like the secretary you never had) and allows you to focus on what you do best! Find ONDiGO on Facebook and Twitter.


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