Top 5 Ways To Protect Your Store

A struggling economy has led to an increase in retail theft. Theft itself has always been an issue, but lately more organized groups are running the show, stealing large amounts of store inventory and reselling the goods for profit. These groups contribute to the billions of dollars lost by retailers every year.

You’ll need to protect your store and inventory from shoplifters, employees, and break-ins when you close for the night. Your insurance policy will help you get back on your feet in case something happens, but you should still do all that you can to minimize threats. Review your security and procedures consistently once implemented, so that you stay up to date.

If you notice any security issues take immediate action. Failure to do so will open the way for thieves but it will also compromise your insurance policy. Most insurance companies require some security measures to be implemented by you in order for the policy to be effective. Failure to comply will invalidate the policy and put you at risk. Here are the top five ways to protect your store.

Keep Up To Date With Inventory

This point tops the list because it will help you identify what was lost if the unthinkable happens. You can use manual methods to keep track of your inventory, but with so many computerized programs it is easy to implement an automated program. This will help you keep accurate records as it happens. At any point in time you’ll be able to look and see how many items you have in stock.

Proper inventory makes it easy when you have to fill out insurance claims. While you’re taking inventory, record the serial numbers and models of your computers, scanners and other equipment.

Install Video Cameras In The Store

Cameras are a costly investment, but they are invaluable when you want to protect your store. Burglars might think twice about carrying out a heist if they spot surveillance cameras on the building. If the cameras are hidden they can be used to help security and law enforcement personal catch the thieves and recover your stolen goods.

When you set up surveillance cameras, make sure to record the footage and keep it for a minimum of seven days. This way you’ll be able to access the footage if you don’t immediately determine that you’ve been robbed. Use signage to alert thieves to the fact that the property is under surveillance.

Lighting and Design

The lighting within and around the building can also serve as a deterrent to thieves. Make sure that parking lots, doorways and entryways around the building are well lit so that people in the area can identify anyone trying to gain forceful entry into the store.

The building, doors and windows should be well constructed to prevent easy access to the valuables inside. The doors should be fitted with deadlocks and locked securely when leaving the store. Sturdy gates should also be installed to prevent vehicle ram raids.


Install a safe in the store if you handle large sums of cash. Ideally you should make deposits to the bank daily, but where this is not possible, store the money in a hidden safe. Lock the safe before you leave the store.

You should also have a written policy detailing how cash is handled. An irregular banking procedure will protect you from attacks. Employ a third party company to transport cash if you’re dealing with large sums of money. Leave keys to the store and safe only in the hands of your most trusted employees.

Security Guards

Security guards are not always a foolproof means of safeguarding your stores, but it will go a long way to deter petty thieves. Your security guards can serve double duty. When the store is opened they can look out for shoplifters and do bag checks at the door. When the store is closed they can stand guard and spot any unusual activity.

Don’t be a victim; use these and any other methods to protect your store against active thieves. When they fail, your insurance policy will step in to cover any losses that you incur.

These methods might not be applicable to some stores, so they might need to be adapted to suit your own particular circumstance.

What are some other things that you have done to protect your store? 

By: Kole for Quantum Security Gates


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