Affiliate Marketing – The Basics

Most people have heard of affiliate marketing and have a basic idea of what it is about. In simple terms affiliate marketing is a method of getting a product or service out and about and having others advertise it for you for a small commission. It is an entirely legal, ethical and well-recognised method and best of all it suits all parties involved.

Why Do Businesses Choose Affiliate

Imagine for a moment that you want to sell hundreds of your flagship product which in this case might be a celebrity endorsed super-wok. Having a website banner or widget on the sidebar of fifty food-genre bloggers with great readerships which fit the demographic for the product is likely to result in a boost in sales.

Getting Started

Many bloggers and websites deal with, or receive communications from PR companies. These contacts may be invaluable when it comes to getting started with affiliate marketing management as often affiliate representatives and other marketing agencies are either part of the same team or work alongside each other. A quick email to ask whether they know of any affiliate marketing schemes that are currently recruiting could prove fruitful.

Well-Known Affiliate Programmes

There are many affiliate programmes to explore if you are looking to earn extra and these are great places to start.

1)      Google Affiliate Network

Being a Google product this affiliate platform is one of the more popular ones. Publishers (those publishing widgets on their sites and blogs) have an easy to use interface through which they can track their campaigns and earnings with ease. Payments are thought to be quick and easy to arrange.

2)      Amazon Affiliates
There are few people who haven’t heard of and don’t buy on occasion from Amazon. Using a widget to advertise selected books, games or other products and encouraging visitors to click through and buy is a good way to start building your affiliate income stream.


There are many tools on the market which claim to help you increase your income when involved in PPC campaigns however these two are often considered the most useful.

1)      Wordtracker
This is a handy and easy to use tool which helps you to find appropriate and successful keywords that you can use in your campaigns. When looking to draw people in and convert clicks to sales this may be helpful.

2)      Google Analytics
What was once Google Website Optimizer is now Content Experiments which may be found within Google Analytics. GA will help you maximise the effectiveness of the content on your website in terms of attracting and keeping visitors engaged long enough for them to utilise your affiliate badge or link.

This is a basic introduction to what affiliate marketing is, does and why you should consider it. Have a look at the tools described and see how easily you could monetize your blog and enjoy a second income stream.

Guest Post by: Duncan Cumming
Having established his career in digital sales and marketing, Duncan formed his own SEO in Berkshire agency, Cayenne Red. Along with the running of his business, Duncan spends time writing informative and helpful articles about the different areas of online marketing.


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