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Dortha Hise Develops

MicheleScismI just listened to a great video from my coach, Michele Scism (that’s her picture on the right). It was all about motivation…and keeping motivation. Michele shared a few ideas that made me think about “what motivates me?” One she shared is competition…she and another woman I admire and follow, Caterina Rando, are in a friendly competition to see who reaches $1M in revenue first. Michele also shared an idea I just love: she keeps a Gratitude Book…it’s a binder full of great success stories, emails, cards and other notes that keep her going. The third idea that Michele shared that I really love is helping others…when you’re having a tough time of it, reach out and help someone, answer a question or help them problem solve a situation.

For me, I think I have a combination of the items Michele shared above–and I didn’t realize it was my ‘support network’…

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Seven the Lucky Number

The financial world is constantly changing. No wonder that people are unsure of what to go for.

2013 has just started that Coutts & Co private bank, has launched a new range of funds.

coutts building

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And to be precise 7 of them:

  1. Coutts Multi Asset UK Defensive Fund,
  2. Coutts Multi Asset UK Balanced Fund,
  3. Coutts Multi Asset UK Growth Fund,
  4. Coutts Multi Asset UK Equity Growth Fund,
  5. Coutts Multi Asset Global Defensive Fund,
  6. Coutts Multi Asset Global Balanced Fund,
  7. Coutts Multi Asset Global Growth Fund.

It can sound like jargon to most of us – unless you know what you are looking for.

The services will be split in 2 sections. Every UK related funds will be managed by Alan Higgins – UK Chief Investment Officer’s team in the United Kingdom. The 3 Global assets will be under the wing of Norman Villamin – bank’s Chief Investment Officer for Europe.

As you can see investment services are improving and getting more varied.

Some banks like to listen to their clients in order to deliver what is asked for. For Coutts is not just about the money (See video for an insight of the Queen’s Bank).

Being different is always a good point as long as what is created or changed is a winning point for the account holders and the business too.

Variety is what people want in each domain. Look at cameras and televisions. Colours, shapes and sizes – there are never enough of them. Same goes with tablets and smartphones as well.

banking services word cloud

With these 7 new multi-assets , it will be interesting to see in the long term, whether customers are going for this type of wealth management. Knowing that these funds will be sold under advice in the UK –  it could well be a winning formula for the London private financial establishment.

Home Based Business Tips



Before you ever start a home-based business, you must be fully prepared.You can dramatically increase your income potential if you approach the opportunity correctly. Take time to research the market to be sure you have the right product to match what people are looking for. Read through these helpful tips before starting your own home-based business.

When looking for a business opportunity it is a great advantage if you have firm ideas in mind, based on some kind of previous experience. It could be a business you have worked in, or a hobby you are passionate about. Without a passion for what you are selling, you are less likely to succeed. Always bear in mind that, whatever you want to sell, there must be people who share your interest in order to convert them to customers.

Like any other area of business the net carries a proportion…

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HMRC releases warning for late tax returns

HMRC have released a warning this morning to anyone who filled in their tax form late. Whether it is a business or an individual, HMRC have said they may seize goods if their tax return was late in.

Around 300,000 people filled in their tax return for 2010-2011 late and HMRC are now sending warning letters to those who have already for a penalties for the period and are yet to pay them.

A HMRC spokesperson have said:

“These non-filers have ignored numerous communications from HMRC, dating back to April 2011, including flyers, reminder letters, penalty notices and warning letters,” he said.”

If this is you, you can still pay the fines and submit your late tax return

If you are a small business and you are struggling to keep everything up-to-date, it may be time for you to look into outsourcing some tasks. It may sound daunting and expensive but often it can be more beneficial to your business and your cash flow levels if you ask for help. Whether you outsource your invoice financing services or your tax/ accountancy, some outside help can really help with the smooth running of your business.

Autumn Statement

Today the Chancellor made his “autumn” statement to Parliament which is making some big headlines. Here are the main points you need to be aware of:



The biggest headline of the statement is that George Osborne has cancelled his planned 3p-a-litre increase in fuel duty which was due to take place in January.

Economic Growth

It is predicted the economy will shrink -0.1% in 2012 which is a dramatic drop compared to the 1% increase which was predicted in his original budget.


Unemployment is expected to peak at 8.3% this year but it should reduce each year.

An extra £1bn will be invested into the Business Bank.

Main rate of corporation tax will be cut by an extra 1% to 21% in April in 2014.

Transport and Infrastructure

An extra £1bn is to be spend on upgrading the road network including the A1, A30 and M25 as well as a £1bn load to extent the London to Battersea Northern Line.

There will be an expansion of the Ultra-fast broadband roll out plans and the annual infrastructure investment will now be £33n.

Pensions and Benefits

The Chancellor announced that there would be a rise to both the state pension and the child benefit. The basic state pension rate was to rise by 2.5% next year to £110.15 a week and the child benefit will be increased by 1% for another two years.

Overall there are some positive headlines to come out of the statement however the economy is worse than was expected. For a full run down of the budget, check out the Guardian’s live feed.

What did you think of the budget? Did you expect more? Let me know your thoughts…

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